Maplewood Hills Suspension Repair

Have you hit a pothole recently? Potholes can cause damage to steering and suspension components. Worn suspension components will reduce the stability of the vehicle and the control of the driver.

At Dingman’s Mechanical, our Maplewood Hills suspension repair professionals can help solve your steering and suspension issues promptly and with a fair price!

The steering and suspension system on your vehicle is responsible for maintaining comfortable riding conditions and driving performance.

The steering and suspension system also help’s drivers remain in control of their vehicles at all times.

The suspension system converts forward energy created by bumps in the road into vertical energy that travels up into the vehicle frame. Suspension system components, like coil springs and shock absorbers, help to dampen the impact of this road force.

Maplewood Hills Suspension Repair


While the individual components comprising each suspension system may vary, all suspension system components will weaken over time through stress applied during normal driving conditions.

  • Signs of Needed Suspension Repair 
  • Rough Riding Vehicle 
  • Drifting or Pulling during Turns 
  • Uneven Tire Tread 
  • Nose Dive when Stopping

Similarly, off-road driving and erratic driving can wear down suspension components more quickly. Regardless of your driving preferences, we have the necessary equipment to identify and correct any issue plaguing your steering and suspension system.

Our Maplewood Hills auto repair staff is trained to inspect the steering and suspension components in order to determine whether your service will entail a minor adjustment or a replacement.

The Dingman’s Mechanical Repair Difference

  • Family Owned & Operated
  • ASE Certified Technicians
  • Latest Diagnostic Equipment
  • Full-Service Suspension Repair
  • Mechanical Service & Maintenance 

Benefits Maplewood Hills Suspension Repair

Shaky, unsteady, off-center, and stiff steering are all cause for getting a steering system repaired, while excessive bouncing or swaying during bumps and intermittent control while driving and braking are cause for a suspension system inspection. Uneven tire wear is also a potential sign of a suspension problem, though this may also point to alignment issues.

Because suspension system components combine into one working unit, suspension issues that go untreated have the potential to increase the wear on other suspension components, which may result in more extensive repairs down the road. If you experience any of the above symptoms, contact us online or by phone today.

Contact Dingman’s Mechanical today to schedule your Maplewood Hills suspension repair today and let our team help smooth out your ride!

Maplewood Hills Suspension Repair